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Functional Neurosurgery

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Functional Neurosurgery

Functional Neurosurgery is revolutionizing the area of neurology. It involves a team of multi-professional neurologists and surgeons who have deep insight into the anatomy and functioning of the nervous system. Dr. Deepanshu Sachdeva is one of the pioneers amongst his team of experts who are revolutionizing the field of neurosurgery in Jalandhar. It is a technique that is modifying the treatment of the nervous system and peripheral nerves. Innovations are making their way in this field that makes it more dynamic and turbulent. The procedures involve the use of devices that can stimulate the affected area and have an impact on the strength and stamina of the affected area. Brain Spine & Joint Clinic is providing services of Neuromodulation. It is a technological innovation in the treatment of neuro problems wherein electrical energy directly hits the target area and modulates the nerve activity. The neuro disorder treatment capability of Neuromodulation has a wide range. It can treat mild tremors to nervous breakdown paralyzing the body. Deep brain stimulation is a technique of producing electrical impulses that can stimulate the dead or affected area of the brain. There is a controller device that regulates the flow of electrons charged into the brain. There is a controller device that regulates the flow of electrons charged into the brain. Gamma knife is a form of radiosurgery in which radiation is is used to burn or damage a tumor. The advantage that it comes with is it involves no incision and has a record of completing in one single day. Functional neurosurgery has a vast scope and a promising future. Neurosurgeons around the world are working to extend the application of functional neurosurgery in all the spheres of neurology. In Jalandhar, Dr. Deepanshu Sachdeva is working hard to make this dream turn into reality for many people suffering from neuro disorders.

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