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How to maintain Healthy Spine?

healthy spine
Spinal Care

The modern lifestyle of the twenty-first century brings with it many medical concerns. The spine problem is one amongst many that tops the chart. The 26 vertebrates that protect the spinal cord and allow the person to stand, move and perform other flexible functions are prone to many conditions that can affect the ability of the spinal. Neurologists talk about inculcating healthy spinal habits that reduce the vulnerability of the spine to infections, injuries, and other medical conditions that extend from pain to surgeries.

How to maintain Healthy Spine?

Experts recommend that simple everyday changes bring a lot of difference and play a vital role in preventing damage to the spine or vertebrate and surrounding tissue.

One must apply Lifting techniques when lifting even the lightest weights. Twisting and lifting weights near the neck or above waist level should be avoided. Heavyweights lifted near the neck increase the risk of crack or fracture in the cervical part of the spine. Pushing or pulling mechanisms should more be preferred over lifting weights. The use of trolleys, pulleys, levers proves out to be beneficial in this regard.

Slouching, stooping, bending shoulders are a few examples of wrong postures many people working in the office maintain for long hours and invite spinal troubles. We enlist some remedial steps to avoid spinal problems such as taking short breaks, maintaining a sitting, a standing posture that supports the lower part of the spine.

Quality sleep in an environment that is spinal friendly works manifolds. It refers to choosing a quality mattress and pillow, sleeping postures that are spine supportive.

Stretching out helps relaxing back and neck muscles. Thus stretch exercises should be an integral part of daily routine exercises.

A hydrated body can help avoid spinal disc injuries. It helps prevent Herniated disks, also known as slipped or ruptured disks, which occur when the loss of fluid causes the disks to become brittle and eventually slip out of place. It further aggravates and gives rise to more severe complications like bulging disc, sciatica.

Neurologists do recommend paying attention and seeking medical help for any warning signs that relate to spinal pain. However, it’s common to have back pain once in a while. But it is equally important to monitor its causes, frequency, and reasons for the occurrence and seek medical attention.

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