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Lumbar Fusions

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Doctor showing anatomical spine to his patient

Lumbar Fusions

Lumbar fusion is an attempt by the neurosurgeons to eliminate the pain that originates due to spinal deformities, spinal weakness, or instability or, a person is suffering from the herniated disc problem. The process involves grafting a bone natural or synthetic within two vertebrae. The natural bone graft is usually taken from the patient’s hip or manufactured known as a synthetic bone graft substitute. The process begins with an incision made at a suitable position that facilitates the surgeon to have access to the spine from the front. Natural bone graft requires an incision at the body part selected for taking bone. The bone graft material fills the gap between the vertebrate. Metal rods, screws, and other artificial material facilitates holding vertebrate intact by the time grafting heals. Healing time for the surgery is long, and it does require strict precautionary measures for a long time. Resuming physical activity and exercises demands doctors advice and consent to avoid any further complications. .

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