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Microscopic & Endoscopic Surgery

Stroke is a result of the disruption in blood supply to the brain. There are several causes giving rise to a stroke. Interrupted blood supply causes brain cells to die. Dead brain cells can lead to severe consequences of complete paralysis of the body or a fatal collapse. It is a disruption that calls for immediate medical attention with no wastage of time to control the damage a stroke can do to the body. Being intelligent enough to understand the symptoms of stroke and run for medical help can be very beneficial to prevent the devastating effects of stroke. Sudden headache, blurriness in vision, and irregularity in speaking and walking are a few of the indicators of stroke. Blocked artery or disruption in the blood vessel is a cause of stroke known as Ischemic stroke, Hemorrhagic stroke, respectively. Transient Ischemic stroke is a ministroke in which blood supply disruption lasts for a few minutes. The risk of life in the case of stroke is high. Therefore, it is an advisory and wise action to visit the surgeon as soon as you encounter the symptoms or feel something catchy in your health. Brain Spine and joint clinics have neuro experts performing Microscopic and Endoscopic surgery. Former make use of magnificent bulbs that have high-power allowing, the clear view of nerves, vessels, thus facilitating the surgery and operation. Latter involves the use of a long tube that enters the body through natural openings like mouth, anus, or sometimes there may arise a need for a small incision. It provides a detailed view of the organ and also facilitates surgeries and imaging

Thrombolysis for Stroke

Thrombolysis for a stroke aims at bursting the clot that restrains blood supply that causes a stroke to occur. Thrombolytic therapy breaks the clot and disperses it facilitating the blood to reach the brain. Faster you, respond to the stroke, and as early as your surgeon begins the Thrombolytic therapy, more are the chances of success. It yields the best results when given within a period of four to six hours after the stroke hits the patient.

Endovascular Revascularistion

Endovascular Revascularization is taking over pen surgeries over a while. The reason could be the benefits the former adds to the surgical procedure. Endovascular Revascularization makes use of different devices to remove the clot and plaque-causing blockage. It involves the usage of stents,drug-coated balloons, angioplasty to treat lower extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD). It is less time consuming than bypass surgery, and a person can resume normal activities within a few days. It also has high and fast recovery rates. Although it does have limitations, it is gaining pace as a treatment for PAD.

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