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All Types of Head Injuries (Brain Injuries)

Head injuries affect the physiological and psychological functioning of the body. The extent to which it affects the functionality of the mind and the body depends on the intensity that may vary from mild head shake to severe bruising, tissue breaking, or bleeding. Intense shaking or banging of the brain or the body, severe accidents, vigorous sports activities can cause brain injuries. Sometimes these injuries lead to internal bleeding, swelling in the brain ,shattering of the skull, and may make brain dead. Traumatic Brain Injuries need proper medication and treatment at the right time. Many times symptoms of the injury are not spontaneous, and they develop over a period. Regular Consultation with the doctor and close monitoring of the victim behavior is essential in such cases. Brain Spine & Joint Clinic help you in better understanding the phenomena and minimizing its evil effects.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are severe to handle as they cause a loss in sensation, strength and may paralyze the body. It may result from a trauma that could have any number of reasons for the occurrence. Other causes leading to spinal injury include disc displacement, vertebrate damage. The nature of the injury is severe, and the consequences are worst. Medical assistance can help you to some extent only. Complete recovery and healthy physiological activities after spinal injury depend on the intensity of the damage to the spine.

Spinal Fixation (Open & Minimally Invasive Surgery)

Spinal fixation is one of the possible treatments working effectively for problems related to vertebrate break. It does have its limitations and requirements that call for an expert to operate and victim to follow preventive measures. Dr. Deepanshu Sachdeva is an expert neurosurgeon who can be the best surgeon and wise adviser for treating and dealing with spinal injury.

Brachial Plexus Injury

Brachial plexus injury relates to damage of nerves that send a signal to the shoulder, arm, and hand. It varies from reducing strength, stability, and sensation of the arm to paralyzing the arm. Brain Spine & Joint Clinic have neurosurgeons performing different surgeries like neurolysis, nerve grafts if the case is severe. The clinic does have experts recommending therapies and medications in cases of less injury or damage.

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